Long Walk, The Picture


One of the Bachman books about a walk where the winner gets the ultimate prize - anything they want for life, and the losers get punished with death!

The rules are simple - If you walk too slow, you get a warning, 4 warnings and you are shot. There is only one winner, and the story concentrates on a loosely held group of individuals that become friends and enemies during this inhumane walk.

One by one Ray Garraty sees the people around him die, and he faces the truths of his own entry into the Long Walk, and those of his new "friends". He is aware that only one will survive all the way, but it is not until the end that he realised the finality of his situation, and he slowly looses his sanity piece by piece.


1979 Signet


This is for Jim Bishop and Burt Hatlen and Ted Holmes


? CurleyCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 7. First killed. Skinny
?, CarolynGirl from brickyard Hill that once dated Ray Garraty
?, GwendolineDaughter of the king in Ray Garraty''s story
?, HattieAunt of Ray Garraty
?, Janice (Jan)Ray Garraty's 16 year old girlfriend
?, JoeCompetitor of the Long Walk. Brother of Mike. Hopi Indian
?, MikeCompetitor of the Long Walk. Brother of Joe. Hopi Indian. Sat down with Scramm and was shot
?, PercyCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 31. Tried to escape, but was shot
?, PriscillaMcVries girlfriend that cut his face with a letter opener
?, RalphWorked on the picker at a pyjama factory with Peter McVries. They had a big fight
Aaron, HankBaseball player who hit 730 home runs (or so)
Aaronson, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 1. Short
Abraham, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 2 17 Year old redhead
Adderley, CannonballMusician mentioned in passing
Astaire, FredDancer mentioned in passing
Baker, Arthur (Art)Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 3
Baker, JamesCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 4
Barkovitch, GaryCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 5. The first competitor to get 3 warnings. He ripped out his own throat
Bradbury, RayWriter mentioned in passing
Bredes, DonWriter mentioned in passing
Brubeck, DaveMusician mentioned in passing
Carter, JohnFake name Henry Olson used to Barkovitch
Collins, WilkieWrote "The woman in White"
Cotter, RegiePrevious winner of the long walk from Maine. He died of a blood clot in the brain a week after the walk finished. Lisbon St in Lewiston was renamed Cotter Memorial Avenue after him
D'Allessio, George (Freaky)Ray Garraty went to his funeral after he was hit and killed by a car. Had funny eyes
Davidson, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 8. Had bad acne
Dorgen, AmeliaRan a modern dance school that Ray Garraty attended
Elwell, MrNeighbour of Ray Garraty as a child. He held Ray after he fell while packing Hay
Elwell, MrsGave Garraty a drink of cold water when younger. His neighbour
Ewing, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 9 From Texas, black, and developed bad blisters on his feet
Fenter, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 12
Fenum, RogerCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 13. 50th person shot on the walk
Field, CharlieCompetitor of the Long Walk
Fielder, GeorgieCompetitor of the Long Walk
Fields, W CWriter mentioned in passing
Foster, StephenComposer mentioned in passing
Gallant, ?Competitor of the Long Walk
Garraty, JeffBrother of Ray that died of pneumonia at 6 years old
Garraty, JimRay''s father who was taken away by the squads when Ray was 5
Garraty, MrsRay Garraty''s mother
Garraty, Raymond DavisCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 47. 16 year old that eventually wins the Long Walk, but at the expense of loosing his mind. Boyfriend of Jan
Grange, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 81
Gribble, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 48. Called the Major a murderer
Harkness, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 49. Writing a book on the walk
Harlan, ?Worked in the dye shop where McVries worked
Hough, BillCompetitor of the Long Walk
Howard, RonActor mentioned in passing
Jackson, ShirleyWriter mentioned in passing
Jensen, ?Competitor of the Long Walk
Keats, JohnWriter mentioned in passing
Kirkwood, JamesWriter mentioned in passing
Klingerman, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 59. Had appendicitis during the walk
Klipstein, EddieFriend of Ray Garraty that saw Freaky D''Allesio killed
Knowles, JohnWriter mentioned in passing
L'Antio, DomGave free watermelon to competitors
Larson, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 60. Sat down when climbing a hill and was shot
Major, TheThe person in charge of the walk each year. Both the competitors and the spectators hold him in awe
McVries, KatrinaPeter McVries 4 year old sister
McVries, PeterCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 61. Had a scar on his face from his ex-girlfriend Priscilla
Milligan, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Tall and well built
Milligan, ?Competitor of the Long Walk
Mitchum, RobertActor mentioned in passing
Monk, TheloniusMusician mentioned in passing
Monroe, MarilynActress mentioned in passing
Morgan, FrankCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 64
Olson, Henry (Hank)Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 70. He climbed the halftrack and was shot in the stomach. He was not killed quickly
Owens, JimmyFriend of Ray Garraty as a child
Parker, CollieCompetitor of the Long Walk
Paster, BruceCompetitor of the Long Walk
Patterson, DrRay Garraty's mothers friend
Pearson, ?Competitor of the Long Walk.. He brought 99 pennies in one pocket and transferred one to another pocket each time someone died. His brother liked enema's
Petrie, MissOne of Garraty's teachers
Poe, Edgar AllanAuthor mentioned in passing
Popham, DaveyFriend of Arthur Baker that burnt off his hair when lighting farts
Quince, HaroldCompetitor of the Long Walk
RandyThe robot on the shirt of a child
Rank, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Tried to punch Barkovitch
Roosevelt, EleanorMentioned in passing
Salinger, J DWriter mentioned in passing
Scramm, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 85. The only married competitor. Sat down with Mike and was shot
Scramm, CathyWife of competitor number 85. 18 and pregnant
SheilaThe Majors Dog (Bedlington Terrier)
Sledge, BobbiCompetitor of the Long Walk
Stebbins, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 88. Illegitimate son of the Major that got the first warning of the walk
Swinburn, ?Writer mentioned in passing
Toland, ?Competitor of the Long Walk
Travin, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Had Diarrhea. Early leader
Tressler, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 92. Got sunstroke and fainted before being shot
Tubbins, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Went insane during the walk
Wayne, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 94
Wyman, MartyCompetitor of the Long Walk. Number 97
Yannick, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 98
Zuck, ?Competitor of the Long Walk. Number 100. Fell over on railway crossing and cut his knee real bad. Red hair and "Volcanic" complexion