Rage Picture


Written by Richard Bachman. In quiet Placerville, Maine, a slightly twisted boy named Charles Decker holds the 24 other students of his algebra class at gunpoint after shooting 2 teachers.

Abused by his father as a child, he describes the important parts of his life, and in the process, lets a lot of the students he holds hostage tell the rest of the class their "Dirty Secrets". Things almost come to an early end when Charles is shot by a sniper, but the bullet hits a padlock he had placed in his pocket earlier.

As things progress, the students become more and more responsive to their captor, all except Ted Jones. The students get their own back, and play one last nasty trick on another student before being released unharmed. But Charles is out of luck...

This was initially titled "Getting it On" (After Deckers favourite saying) but was later renamed Rage, and released under Bachman's name. It has not been reprinted in the last few years as Stephen King thought it too violent, and similar to many killings in some American Schools. This is a pity as it is an excellent insight into the mind of someone that it walking the thin edge of sanity.


1977 Signet


For Susan Artz and WGT


?, AnnemarieSister of Rosalyn. Went of a double date with her sister and Charles Decker. Charles was sick on her leg
?, FredUncle of John Dano that gave him an old Dodge car
?, RosalynSister of Annemarie. Went of a double date with her sister and Joe McKennedy
?, TommyName carved into Billy Sawyers desk in ''73
Anderson, DrWrote a memo on Ted Jones in the mental institute
Andreissen, DarleneCharles looked up her dress in study hall
Bates, IrmaIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Fat girl that screamed each time someone was shot
Belch, LawrenceTV show
Berry, ChuckSinger
Brooks, SusanIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Cable, DickHe beat up Charles Decker at Carol Granger''s party. He died when hit by a car in Lewiston
Caligari, DrMentioned in passing
Canning, VictorWriter mentioned in passing
Carlson, JohnChemistry-Physics teacher that was hit in the head with a pipe wrench by Charles Decker after he picked on him in class
Carradine, JohnMentioned in Passing
Caskin, NancyIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Castinguay, SamNeighbour of the Decker family
Christie, AgathaWriter mentioned in passing
Collette, DanaThrew a party in Schoodic Point. A friend of Scragg Simpson, that invited Charles Decker to have sex with her, but he could not get an erection
Cranston, LamontMentioned in passing
Cross, SandraIn the Algebra Class that was held up. She was a lover of Ted Jones. Always seems to loose buttons off her clothes
Dano, John (Pig Pen)In the Algebra Class that was held up. Fainted when the 2 teachers were shot
Dano, LillyJohn Dano''s older sister. She got pregnant to LaFollet St Armand and was sent to her aunts
Dano, MrsJohn''s mother. A snoop that listens in on phone conversations and enters every conversation that she can. Lives in Gates Falls
Debbins, RosanneHad the locker next to Charles Decker
Decker, CarlCharles'' father. Ensign in the navy when he met his wife. Brother of Jessie
Decker, Charles EverettHeld up his Algebra class and shot some teachers after being pushed too far. He calls his little adventure "Getting it On"
Decker, JessieThe bride at the wedding where Charles'' parents met for the first time. She died in a house fire less than a year after her marriage. She was roommates with Rita Decker at the university of Maine. Sister of Carl Decker. Maiden name of Jessie Hannaford
Decker, RitaCharles'' mother. Roommate of Jessie Decker at the University of Maine
Decker, TomBrother of Carl. He gave Rita a jigsaw that was all white except for a small blueberry in one corner as a joke. She completed it in 2 days
Deleavney, Samuel K NJudge at Charles'' trial
Dench, CarlaHad the locker next to Charles Decker. Wore a lot of perfume
Denver, ThomasPrincipal of Placerville High School. He expelled Charles Decker after the incident with John Carlson. This was the catalyst for Deckers holding the class at gunpoint. A teacher since 1947
Dole, RobertPresidential candidate
Earl, RandyOne of Carl Deckers Friends that went hunting with him
Fazio, MrSchool janitor in Placerville High School
Fitzgerald, PatIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Black student
Floren, MyronCarol Grangers secret love - character on the Lawrence Belch show
Frankel, MrOwner of Frankel''s Jewelry Store and Camera Store. Placerville''s second selectman
Franklin, PeterHe was supposed to be in the Algebra Class that was held up but was absent on the day because he has the measles
Franks, PhilA good writer and possibly a student of Placerville High School
Gannon, TannisIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Helped Irma Bates with her rather plain looks
Gavin, MikeIn the Algebra Class that was held up. He saw 2 fireman collide outside
Gavin, MissMaiden name of Don Grace''s mother
Goldman, JackIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Gossage, RichWorks in Admin wing of mental institution
Grace, ? JohnFather of Don Grace (First name is unknown)
Grace, DonSchool psychologist at Placerville High School
Granger, CarolIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Class president, Virgin, and Valedictorian
Granger, MrsMother of Carol. Big woman
Green, MrsTyping teacher in room 300 of Placerville High School
Greenburger, WillDoctor in mental institution
Hannaford, BrianHusband of Jessie Hannaford
Hannaford, JessieMaiden name of Jessie Decker. Wife of Brian Hannaford
Herald, CorkyIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Innes, HammondWriter mentioned in passing
Jackson, HarmonIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Jannick, GeorgeIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Johnson, MrHistory Teacher at Placerville High School
Jones, MrsTed''s mother - an alcoholic
Jones, Theodore (Ted)In the Algebra Class that was held up. He used to be a football player but gave up to help with his family when mother was recovering from alcoholism. He was picked on by the class before they were released, and ended up in a catatonic state in a mental institution
Katzentz, MrsCharlie Decker weeded her garden
Keene, DickIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Fairly aggressive
Kesserling, JerryPolice Chief of Placerville. Took over from Warren Talbert
Lasky, AnneIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Lathrop, AlOne of Carl Deckers Friends that often went hunting together
Levesque, HubieOne of Carl Deckers Friends. Hunting guide
Lombardi, VinceFootballer who died
Lordi, DonIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Malvern, DanielSharpshooter who shot Charles Decker in the padlock in his pocket
Marble, MissReceptionist for Tom Denver at Placerville High School
McKennedy, JoeFriend of Charles Decker that used to stick up for him. In the Algebra Class that was held up. Good writer. Brother of Pete
McKennedy, PeteJoe McKennedy''s brother. Lived in Bangor and worked for Bangor Sanitation Department
Milliken, RandyWas with Dick Cable when hit by a truck in Lewiston
Moeller, LarrySupplier of drugs
Norwiss, ScottyOne of Carl Deckers Friends that often went hunting together
Orville, HerkAte a raw mouse on a dare from Charles Decker, but was forced to vomit it up
Orville, MrsMother of Herk. Saw him eat a mouse and forced him to vomit it back up
Parker, ?Thief in Richard Stark''s novels
Pasterne, SarahIn the Algebra Class that was held up. Started laughing on numerous occasions
Philbrick, FrankCaptain of Main State police in charge of the Placerville High School incident
Quinn, MaynardOwner of dirty playing cards
Ragan, SylviaIn the Algebra Class that was held up. She smoked Camel cigarettes
Redford, RobertActor mentioned in passing
Sawyer, BillyIn the Algebra Class that was held up
Simpson, ScraggFriend of Pete McKennedy in Bangor
St Armand, LaFolletGot Lilly Dano pregnant. Joined the Marines
Stanner, GraceIn the Algebra Class that was held up. A small girl that got into a fight with Irma Bates in the class
Stanner, MrsGrace's mother that works in a laundry. She was called a prostitute by Irma Bates
Stark, RichardWriter. This is a pseudonym that was used by Donald Westlake
Stoneham, Bob (Stone Balls)Coach of the Placerville High School. Greyhounds
Talbot, WarrenOld police chief before he died in 1975
Taylor, DonnaFriend of Carol Granger
Thomas, MelvinIn the Algebra Class that was held up. He was the one that pulled down the shades
Thorne, BuckWent out with Carol Granger. Centre for the Placerville High School.Greyhounds
Travolta, JohnActor mentioned in passing
Underwood, Jean Alice37 Year old algebra teacher that was shot by Charles Decker. His first victim
Vance, John DownName given to Peter Vance on the charge sheet of Charles Decker at the end of the book
Vance, PeterTeacher shot in the throat and killed by Charles Decker. His second victim. He was called John Down Vance in the charge sheet for Charles Decker
Venson, MrsTeacher at Placerville High School
Welch, RaquelCharles Decker had a poster of her in his locker
Westlake, DonaldWrote books under the name Richard Stark
Widmark, RichardActor mentioned in passing
Wilson, BrianSinger on the radio
Wolfe, MrTeacher at Placerville High School that called the police
Yannick, GeorgeIn the Algebra Class that was held up